the other shore


Oh , it's like you're released or you're free. Is there something out there?"Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate..."That's what death is going to be like and oh what fun it will be.

The Story

The character has arrived on the other shore. The death is complete , freedom from suffering has been reached and he celebrates.

The music

The organ begins the song and is actually playing and the trumpet melody that is found in 4 of the 5 songs. This depicts the death of the ego, the complete and final death of the self. We then hear the words: "Oh, it's like you're released or you're free.", an uptempo driving beat drops and then the chanting begins. Any death should be a celebration in my opinion and by embracing and accepting my own mortality, I feel that life takes on a new meaning. If we are able to "Die before we die" then death has nothing on us and we can live freely without fear and, in doing so, see life for what it truly is: just an arising, a wave in an ocean of water that temporarily takes on shape, and size and meaning and then falls away back to being water once again. And how lucky are we to have been afforded an opportunity to experience this vast world if only for a brief moment. The last words we hear on the EP are "And that's what death is going to be like and oh what fun it will be." The journey is complete.